About Liza Jane

Liza Jane brings
an exclusively
modern repertoire.

Liza Jane features five musicians demonstrating a vast array of acoustic music styling. The band, founded in May 2013, is able to journey into a realm of their own while still maintaining the spirit of the traditional and modern Bluegrass sounds with a tangible diversity to which all listeners can relate.

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Ton Smink

Guitar/Low tenor vocals
After a long period of wandering in numerous genres of music, guitar player Ton Smink decided to return to his roots where it started in 1976: the acoustic guitar. Although the genre Bluegrass is relatively new to him, his long (band) experience in different genres and styles guarantees a solid guitar part and a creative contribution to the repertoire of Liza Jane. Ton sings most low tenor parts. Besides a mahogany dreadnought Guild DV6, Ton plays a Santa Cruz Tony Rice Pro to nail that distinctive driving Bluegrass guitar sound.
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David Arendsen

Upright Bass/Low tenor vocals
David is no stranger to the stage. He has been playing bass in several Dutch Bluegrass bands before. David solidly “lays down the line” for the rest of the band to build upon. David plays an Azola upright bass and sings low tenor.
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Peter Scharpff

Mandolin/Bass vocals
Peter has been playing music for a long time. In 1972 he joined the Dutch Country Rock band Colorado. This band also played Bluegrass music every once in a while. In the eighties he played in the Dutch Bluegrass bands Cold Fingers and The Temporary Coyotes. Peter is a great team- and rhythm player. Peter plays a custom made Van Spronsen mandolin and sings most bass parts.
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Marcel Arendsen

Banjo/Baritone vocals
Marcel has been playing the five-string banjo since 1979. In the nineties he played with the well known Dutch Bluegrass band Grassoline. His banjo playing can be heard on several CD’s. After a long inactive period he and his wife Liza decided to dive back into music to which LIZA JANE was born! Marcel plays an OME Columbine I five-string banjo and sings baritone.
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Liza Marbun

Lead vocals/Songwriter
Liza is a promising singer-songwriter who provides all of the lead singing in the band. Early 2013 she started writing her own songs. Starting at a young age, Liza sang several musical genres. These influences are clearly shown in her compositions.


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